Apply for our Internship!

Interested in running a non-profit? Deadline to apply is 11:59 pm January 21st!

Bruin Shelter will be taking Interns! We will accept around 8 applicants (give or take), and they will be trained in the skills needed to prepare them for director positions. If you would like to be a director for Bruin Shelter, it is highly recommended that you apply to be an intern (though interns are not obligated nor guaranteed to become directors). I would also like to note that we will accept interns from outside the organization, but directors will only be chosen from current supervisors, volunteers, or interns. If you are interested in Bruin Shelter, please know that this is your opportunity to get involved.


Questions?! Please contact Imesh Samarakoon at

Join our team!

Bruin Shelter is delighted to have you be a part of alleviating youth homelessness however you are able. We are currently looking for passionate and dedicated Bruins to join our team and help our first season in Fall 2016 be a success.

Why should I join Bruin Shelter?

As a part of the Bruin Shelter team, you will be given the opportunity to change lives and experience personal growth. Through meaningful interactions, conversations, and reflections, Bruin Shelter will teach us all how to better relate to people.

We are entirely committed to fostering a safe, supportive, and lively space dedicated to combating youth homelessness, and we need you! So please bring your energy, passion, personal experiences, and help us create a special home.


What is the difference between a volunteer and a supervisor?

Volunteers are integral to the day-to-day operations at the Bruin Shelter. As a volunteer you will primarily help accomplish vital tasks such as cleaning, doing laundry, and serving dinner and breakfast. Volunteering for Bruin Shelter is a wonderful way to start being involved!

Supervisors oversee and manage the day-to-day activities at the Bruin Shelter. They are the on-site leaders with the necessary CAPS and administrative training to ensure life at Bruin Shelter runs smoothly and positively. We are always looking for supervisors who are passionate about youth homelessness, have management and leadership skills, as well as a willingness to complete the necessary trainings.

What training is required as a supervisor or volunteer?

Volunteers will be trained in-house by our group leaders to better understand what to expect while volunteering and how to go about cultivating a fun, safe, and positive space.

Supervisors will undergo more extensive training to develop the needed tools to run the shelter on their own.

What are the details of each shift?

Dinner crew: prepare, serve, and share a warm meal with our residents and other volunteers.

Overnight supervisor: stay overnight at the shelter with another supervisor to ensure the safety of residents and other volunteers.

Advocacy committee: work with our Advocacy Director, and be the voice for students experiencing housing insecurity by attending networking and outreach events with our Directors to talk about the issue of homelessness.

Rides can be arranged from UCLA depending on the team involved in the shift. The Big Blue Bus also goes directly from Westwood to the site.