Join our team!

Bruin Shelter is delighted to have you be a part of alleviating youth homelessness however you are able. We are currently looking for passionate and dedicated Bruins to join our team and help our first season in Fall 2016 be a success.

Be a volunteer or supervisor!

Volunteer shift details

Volunteers are integral to the day-to-day operations at the Bruin Shelter. As a volunteer, you will be tasked with preparing dinner for residents (from about 7:00-10:30 PM) at the shelter roughly three times a month. This entails making dinner for the residents and staff, sharing a meal together, packing breakfast bags, and clean up. No previous cooking experience required, but a willingness to learn is a must! Additional volunteer opportunities such as grocery runs, laundry, food inventory, and site upkeep will also be intermittent throughout the quarter. If you like cooking, conversation, and community this is the position for you!

Supervisor shift details

Supervisors oversee and manage the Bruin Shelter site throughout the season. Your job as a supervisor is to keep the shelter safe and running as smoothly and positively as possible.  As a supervisor, you will be tasked with running overnight shifts (7 pm- 7 am) with a partner at the shelter about twice a month. You will be required to be awake and alert during one of the two over night shifts (11pm -3am OR 3-7 am). We are looking for supervisors who are passionate about youth homelessness, have management and leadership skills, as well as a willingness to complete the necessary trainings.

Why should I join Bruin Shelter?

As a part of the Bruin Shelter team, you will be given the opportunity to change lives and experience personal growth. Through meaningful interactions, conversations, and reflections, Bruin Shelter will teach us all how to better relate to people.

We are entirely committed to fostering a safe, supportive, and lively space dedicated to combating youth homelessness, and we need you! So please bring your energy, passion, personal experiences, and help us create a special home.